Board of Trustees

Auezov SKSU Board of Trustees

The initiative of the Ministry of Education and Science on the introduction of new forms of collective management in the leading universities of the country have been successfully implemented Auezov SKSU. OnOctober 3, 2014 the first meeting of the Board of Trustees  of the University was held, its members were approved by Ministery of Education and Science on August 18, 2014 №353. The creation of the Board opened a new stage in the collegiate university management.

Recent years, the higher education system of the Republic of Kazakhstan carried out a number of projects aimed at improving the competitiveness of domestic universities and ensure the involvement of the general public to address critical training issues.

The members of the Auezov SKSU Board of Trustees are prominent politicians, statesmen and public figures, scientists, representatives of local executive bodies and the business environment. Most members are graduates of the University.

Chairman of the Board of Trustees is a diputy of Majilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, academician Valikhan Bishimbayev, as a deputy chairman university rector, academician Zhumahan Myrhalykov was elected.

The powers of the Board of Trustees are issues of strategic development of the university, improving the quality of education, ensure coordination of the relationship with all interested organizations.